About me

Since 2010 I am traveling frequently between Berlin and Turkey to connect with my roots, to dive deeper into origin of traditional Anatolian textiles and to understand their ancient symbols. My aim is to spread the beauty and the spirit of the Turkic nomad tribes. During my travels I am collecting handwoven vintage kilim rugs and other traditional textiles, ceramics, calligraphy art, ebru art, jewelry, wild mountain herbs and organic oils.

I am collecting and dealing with kilims because I really love them.
I love the touch and smell of the hand span sheep wool.
I love that they are sustainable and organic.
I love that they were woven by wild hearted women.

Kilim weaving is the heritage of a nomad tradition that dates thousands of years back when the Turks were still believing in a shamanic religion. The symbols and pattern of the kilims never changed since, because the nomadic tribes where not influenced by politics or by different art eras.
We will probably never fully understand their meanings. But we can try to connect with them on a more subtle level. To rather feel - instand of understand - what they want to tell us.